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The first scientific publication of Áron Perez-Lopez, a Hungarian secondary school student was published by Scientific Reports, an American periodical of the Nature publishing group.

The network of the so called TalentPoints covers almost the whole Carpathian Basin. There are already more than 1400 of them help the gifted kids and youngsters in Hungary and in the areas of the neighbouring countries inhabited by ethnic Hungarian.

Companies and entrepreneurs actively supporting talented young people around Hungary and across the border were presented the Genius Loci Award.

The so-called Girls’ Day events took place in late April when companies, university laboratories and research institutes opened their gates to girls only.

The traditional National Talent Day was held in Budapest on the 28 March. Young talents, teachers and talent support activists were awarded at the event.

A conference on Hungary’s county image was held for the fifth time at the beginning of March.

Representatives of 13 organizations from 13 countries discussed possibilities of bi- and multilateral cooperation in the field of talent support in Budapest.

Last year HUF 1200 million was offered to the National Talent Programme by Hungarian taxpayers.

Learning by doing in cutting-edge laboratory in a West-Hungarian city. Using EU funding, a new laboratory was inaugurated in the elementary and secondary school of the University of Western Hungary in Szombathely.

MATEHETSZ established a new award to recognize the achievements of the corporations and enterprises reached in the area of talent support. The Genius Loci Award will be given to 20 enterprises annually. 

In May 2014 an international conference discussed issues of a European talent-support network in Budapest.

Originally due to be completed by June 2014, the Programme received additional resources, allowing it to extend its activities by another year.

1-12 | 13 results